Structure of the consortium

The organizational structure of the Cancer Prevention Europe (CPE) consortium comprises the following types of members: Core Members, Full Members, and Affiliate Members. The CPE Steering Group is the supervisory body for the execution of the consortium’s programmes; it acts as the decision-making body and comprises representatives of all Core Members.

Core Members


Steering Group

International Agency for Research on Cancer
Lyon, France
Chair: Joachim Schüz
Scientific Secretariat: Michele Matta


Full Members

Eligible applicants for Full Membership are institutions in Europe with a documented strong profile on cancer prevention research. Full Members of the CPE consortium can initiate research projects within CPE and participate with a reduced registration fee in the biennial European Cancer Prevention Workshop to be organized by CPE. Full Members will have access to the Members area of the CPE website.

Download the application form for Full Membership

Affiliate Members

Eligible applicants for Affiliate Membership are:

  • organizations, networks, and consortia consisting of member institutions active in cancer prevention research, implementation, or advocacy;
  • individuals with a documented role in cancer prevention research, implementation, or advocacy;
  • research institutions that specialize in cancer research but not in cancer prevention research.
No financial contribution will be requested. Affiliate Members will be included in email distribution lists to receive news from CPE.

Download the application form for Affiliate Membership