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The Cancer Prevention Europe (CPE) Learning Centre will provide certified and non-certified learning modules and other materials (i.e. webinars, knowledge clips, and podcasts) on cancer prevention, to build capacity and support knowledge transfer. Learning materials, developed by leading cancer prevention experts, will target a variety of audiences, such as managers of cancer leagues, health promoters, cancer prevention advocates, researchers, medical and public health students, non-academic stakeholders, and health-care professionals. All formats will be freely available on any device (mobile and computer).

The first CPE multilingual online programme on primary and secondary prevention of cancer consists of two sets of self-learning modules. The first set, on the European Code Against Cancer, 4th edition, has a module for each of the 12 recommendations in the Code and an additional module on the methodology followed in developing the Code. The second set of modules, on the Latest evidence on cancer prevention, myths and controversies, presents the latest evidence and tackles some myths and controversies related to the topics addressed by the 12 recommendations of the European Code Against Cancer, 4th edition. This learning programme is primarily targeted to managers of cancer leagues, cancer prevention advocates, and health promoters.

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ECAC Modules  Latest evidence, myths and controversies

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