Cancer Prevention Europe (CPE) is creating a landmark European Knowledge Hub on cancer prevention to make evidence in cancer prevention easily accessible for use in evidence-based public health decision-making. The Hub will promote the rapid dissemination of best practices in cancer prevention, the expansion of evidence evaluation activities, and the definition of unanswered questions that require research investment. The Hub will also include capacity-building in cancer prevention for a variety of audiences, through the Learning Centre.

The CPE Knowledge Hub will offer a platform for researchers, policy-makers, programme implementers, health professionals, international organizations, and non-governmental organizations (cancer prevention advocates) to build on the available evidence and research-tested materials, and to foster interdisciplinary dialogue.

The projects currently being developed are summarized below.

Project 1:
Repository of systematic reviews on population-based interventions

Series of cancer prevention rapid reviews and/or umbrella reviews on primary prevention IARC (C. Espina, M. Matta) Kleijnen Systematic Reviews Ltd (KSR)
  1. Three rapid/umbrella reviews to be submitted to a high-impact open access peer-reviewed journal by the end of the contract.
  2. One rapid/umbrella review to be ready for journal submission and further plans detailed in an interim progress report by month 9 of the contract.
  3. Time line (e.g. Gantt chart) for deliverables.
  4. Supplementary outputs to each review (e.g. evidence briefing, evidence gap map) to be agreed with the CPE Steering Group from the outset of the contract.
  5. Final technical and financial reports as indicated in the contract.
Project 2:
Learning Centre
Multilingual on-line programme on primary and secondary prevention of cancer IARC (C. Espina, M. Matta) IARC (A. Berger)
For translations: ECL (Belgium)
INCa (France)
CLB (France)
AECC (Spain)
13 Modules based on the European Code against Cancer 4th edition
– were launched in English on 16 April 2021 and are also available in French, Hungarian, Spanish and Polish
– To be translated into German and integrated into the Learning Centre
12 Modules on the “Latest evidence, myths, and controversies” related to primary and secondary prevention of cancer
– were launched in English on 11 November 2021 and are also available in French, Hungarian, Spanish and Polish
– To be translated into German and integrated into the Learning Centre
An evaluation of the learning is available after completing the 13 self-learning modules on the European Code Against Cancer, 4th edition. The evaluation includes a survey and a quiz that, if successfully completed, will entitle you to a Certificate of Completion issued jointly by Cancer Prevention Europe and IARC.
Accreditation in process – please click here
Project 3:
Database of ongoing European research in cancer prevention
(P. Vineis)
(A. Schmutz, M. Matta, C. Espina)
Manuscript published in European Journal of Cancer available here .
Project 4:
Qualitative study to understands EU Member States population’s perceptions towards the adoption of the European Code Against Cancer (4th Ed.)
Semi-structured interviews in a sample of EU Member states IARC (A Feliu, C Espina, M Matta, C Bodnar) ECL (Youth Ambassadors) 1. Internal report to inform scientific and behavioural change experts in the development of the recommendations of the ECAC 5th Edition.
2. Scientific peer-review publication in a high-impact journal
Project 5:
Networks and capacity building for young professionals/scientists
Bring together a network of early career scientists, health promoters, cancer prevention advocates from the CPE consortium to contribute to ongoing projects and spearhead new initiatives. IARC (M. Matta) TBD 1.To foster collaboration across the CPE consortium, including all levels of membership (Core, Full and Affiliate)
2.To assist in achieving the CPE mission, led by the Steering Group
3.To provide a network platform for early career professionals working in cancer prevention across all interested sectors
Project 6:
CPE Roadmap
Roadmap IARC (M. Matta, J. Schüz), ICL (E. Riboli) CPE Core Members Position paper under development